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    Thanks God It's Friday

    Aujourd’hui, on fête le 25ième billet de la chronique ITGIF, ou au long le IT God It’s Friday! Comme vous le savez probablement déjà, je ne poste pas ce genre de billet assez régulièrement, mais au moins, je continue de faire la collection des liens qui me semblent de bonnes références ou des lectures que j’ai appréciés.

    Dans les derniers liens qui m’ont particulièrement intéressés, il y a le vidéo du QuakeCon 2011 où John Carmack discute des outils d’analyse statique du code, parce qu’au travail nous avons le désire et nous y perfectionner. Sur une note plus ludique, il y a l’article Coder or Clown? qui présente des stéréotypes de candidat lors d’entrevue pour un poste de développeur.

    Je sais que ça fait quand même longtemps que j’en parle, mais ces jours-cis je pense activement à des moyens de restructurer mon site web afin de me permettre de faire mes billet ITGIF hebdomadairement sans noyer le reste de mon blog. Je vais éviter de faire des promesses que je ne pourrai pas tenir, mais disons seulement que je souhaiterais avoir une solution d’ici la nouvelle année…

    Semaine du 15 au 19 août 2011

    Rethinking Manager’s Relationship With Agile Teams
    The End of Agile
    JMX and Spring – Part 2
    -Xmx is hurting the usability of Java
    How Scala changed the way I think about my Java Code
    Addressing Misconceptions about Google Web Toolkit
    Why QA Must Have Its Own Databases
    Making your Website fit on any Screen
    Pretotyping: A Different Type of Testing
    JMX and Spring – Part 3
    Interview Experience With Google
    Protection and Methodologies of Security Vulnerabilities in Web Development
    Execute Custom Query in WordPress
    Don’t Separate Design from Implementation
    Exploiting SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
    Coder or Clown?
    How To Create A Java Executable Jar File

    Semaine du 8 au 12 août 2011

    Pair Programming in the Clink
    The Team and introverts
    8 Principles of Continuous Delivery
    Leadership and Decision Making
    Lost programming skills
    I want to be a Java developer, What skills do I need!
    Why every new generation of programmers are becoming dumber than the last
    Adapting your leadership style to the maturity level of your self-organizing team
    What’s a FactoryBean?
    Beyond the FactoryBean
    JMX and Spring – Part 1
    How APIs can support good design – a wish list to Google
    10 Reasons Why Marry A Female Programmer
    Six Key Lessons from a Design Legend (a before-and-after)
    Protecting yourself as a designer
    Programming Achievements: How to Level Up as a Developer
    How to tame forms in web designer
    5 Effortless Investments You Should Make NOW to Uplift Your Career
    7 Employee Concerns Managers Shouldn’t Ignore
    QuakeCon 2011 – John Carmack Keynote (Notes on static analysis tools)
    Good Unit Test CheckList
    Injecting loggers using Spring
    My secret Hobby: Applying for jobs
    Making The Entire Organization Agile

    Semaine du 1er au 5 août 2011

    Agile managers do not act like cowboys
    Why Release Planning?
    Leadership and Decision Making
    Work In Process Limits, Revisited
    Jetty and Eclipse Integration
    10 Mistakes That Software Team Leads Make
    Why you suck at programming
    Video: Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub
    Ten Stupid Contractor Tricks and How to Avoid Them
    When Your Open Source Code No Longer Belongs to You
    Selling Yourself: Why? and How!

    Semaine du 25 au 29 juillet 2011

    Honing your Skills as an Agile Coach
    Jenkins Build Pipeline Example
    Jerk Programmers Can’t Be Managed Tactically
    The Frugal Geek’s Guide to Conference Crashing
    Protecting The Team Cuts Both Ways
    Task Switching
    Nobody’s Going to Help You, and That’s Awesome
    Having Database Tests Ready in 10 Minutes with DbUnit Express
    The Cost of Testing or You don’t Know what You are Missing
    Jenkins Build Pipeline Example
    The Principles of Good Programming
    Rules in JUnit 4.9 (beta 3)
    Problem Solving 101: Collaborative Problem Solving
    How detailed the requirements should be?
    How Not To Code, for Software Engineers
    Empowering Leadership II
    Girls Go Geek… Again!
    Software Estimation is not a Black Art

    Semaine du 18 au 22 juillet 2011

    How Cadence Predicts Process
    When Do You Say A Development Task Is Really Done?
    Create positive pressure around releases
    Programming: the benefits of taking a break
    Test-Driven Development Is Not Slower
    Simplicity Oriented Programming
    The ScrumMaster Tales
    Misconceptions About Self-Organizing Teams
    Why doesn’t every company buy developers the best hardware?
    Defective Java: Mistakes that Matter
    Improving developers enthusiasm for unit tests, using bubble charts
    Are You a Whole Team?
    Storytelling in IT – Conversation matters
    Few Words To Headhunters
    5 Ways to Make Your IT Staff Unpoachable
    Continuous Delivery in Practice
    The High-Level Test Whisperer
    5 Tips for Building a Powerful Knowledge Base with Confluence
    (Case Study) Agile project management at gamification company
    Why Excel Spreadsheets Hurt Project Management
    Misconceptions about Self-Organizing Teams
    Java: Getting the size of an Object

    Semaine du 11 au 15 juillet 2011

    Four Techniques to Wrap Your Head Around Complicated Code
    Discussing the Definition of Done: 8 Questions & Answers
    Java Secret: Using an enum to build a State machine
    Are Tools and Processes Stifling Our Creativity and Productivity?
    Do you have a DevOps Culture?
    Give back to the community (please?)
    Exception Handling Best Practices
    If you build it, they will not come
    It’s time to make poor coding a felony
    Why I still program
    4 Golden Rules Of Naming A Brand Or Business
    Git with SVN, what the benefits are?
    Are older people better programmers?
    Bad Code: The Invisible Threat
    Programming: the benefits of taking a break
    Is Agile for Amateurs?
    Are older people better programmers?

    Semaine du 4 au 8 juillet 2011

    Exceptions are Bad
    Don’t Plan, Speculate
    Do Not Drive Beyond Your Headlights
    Yes. No. Negociate.
    Be or Be Not; there is no Do in Agile
    12 Tips to be a better coach
    You need an Agile Product Manager, not an Agile Project Manager
    Kill Projects and Develop Agile Programs
    How to Kill Projects and Develop Agile Programs Part 1
    GWT apps featured in Google I/O videos
    Testing at the speed and scale of Google
    Why You Need to Worry About Changing Other People’s Minds
    Clean Coder
    Moving from Ant to Maven: Best Practices with Maven Plugins
    Def Programming – Programming Quotes
    Top 5 java programmer reactions to Scala
    All Right It Failed, What Next?
    Why Mark Zuckerberg’s First Public Response To Google+ Is The Right One
    Handling a team member who “talks too much”
    Not doing Code Reviews? What’s your excuse?
    I am not an engineer – I’m a software developer


    Je travaille principalement comme développeur Java au sein d'une équipe Agile pour des projets d'application web utilisant principalement les technologies Java, Spring, Hibernate et open-sources. Je me spécialise dans l'analyse, l'architecture, le développement (Test-Driven Development) et les méthodologies Agile.


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