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    Puisque je ne risque pas de faire ce genre de billet avant encore quelques semaines et que je désire me remettre à poster plus régulièrement sur mon blog, je commence avec ce billet. Je devrais prendre une pause des liens technologiques pour le mois de juin, mais un retour en force se fera au début du mois de juillet. T’inquiètes!

    Semaine du 23 au 27 mai 2011

    Implementing Agile in the Shark tank
    Public Impediments List !!!
    Ivy: How to Retrieve Source Codes of Dependencies
    How to bomb a technical talk
    CDI AOP Tutorial: Java Standard Method Interception Tutorial
    The Infinite Version
    Git backups, and no, it’s not just about pushing
    Moving from SVN to Git
    What does the Scrum Master do all day?
    11 Best Practices for Peer Code Review
    Top 10 Programming Fonts

    Semaine du 16 au 20 mai 2011

    Simplicity and Perspective
    There’s I(ntelligence)Q, and Then There’s I(nfluence)Q
    The PATH: a model to facilitate the diagnosis of the Agile maturity level
    Juergen Hoeller on Spring 3.1 and Spring 3.2
    More guidance on building high-quality sites
    Page Speed Online has a shiny new API
    Easier URL removals for site owners
    Don’t fix invisible bugs
    Code coverage metrics and Functional Test Coverage
    Reset Mysql Root Password On Linux
    Misconceptions regarding Java heap size arguments
    Java Web Application Security – Part II: Spring Security Login Demo
    Do Developers Really Need A Second Monitor?
    The MVP Pattern
    10 tips for creating high quality WordPress themes
    Google App Engine: Host application in your own domain
    Lame Scrum Implementations
    Code Coverage as a Refactoring Tool
    Call to Agile Folks: is There a Need for a Separate QA Team?
    Log4j Tutorial – Writing different log levels in different log files
    Surprising Truth about Kanban Improvements
    Not doing Code Reviews? What’s your excuse?

    Semaine du 8 au 13 mai 2011

    GXT 3 ContentPanel Changes
    Does your Grocery Store Limit Work in Progress?
    Guaranteed Success With Scrum
    Scrum, enough already
    10 Tricky Java Interview Questions
    What DevOps Means for Enterprises
    My favorite tips from Pragmatic Programmer
    Why The New Guy Can’t Code
    GWT – Pros and Cons
    10 Programmer Interview Questions I’d like to be asked
    Software Skills (The Art of Software Development)
    How to manage your Programmers
    How to Create a Burndown Chart in Google Docs
    Process kills developer passion
    Which Language Should You Code In?
    JavaScript from Java: Google Web Toolkit
    The leaning of life – History of the Silos
    Git Tutorial – How to version projects with Git
    Changes in HTML 5.0
    Html 5 part 1 : new elements
    Improve your UI code with Strategy Pattern
    Juergen Hoeller on Spring 3.1 and Spring 3.2
    Deployment is the New Build (Part 1)
    Database Interaction with DAO and DTO Design Pattern
    It works better with your own checklist, right?
    The Really Simple Way to Get Work Done
    Re-Thinking User Interface Design for the TV Platform
    Determining How Many Task Hours an Agile Team Can Accomplish

    Semaine du 2 au 6 mai 2011

    Building Trust, One Iteration At A Time
    Custom Reports in the new Google Analytics
    Do 404s hurt my site?
    The Ambidextrous Organization
    How Google Tests Software – Part Six
    Improving Programming Productivity
    Why does Void class exist in JDK
    As A Software Engineer, Do You Really Like Your Job?
    DevOps: Why Silos Suck And How To Break Them
    25 Agilists to Follow on Twitter
    We don’t have time for tests
    A pattern for GWT code splitting
    Goodbye SVN, Hello Git
    Howto: Mirror Git to Subversion
    Meet for Beers, Not for Code Reviews
    Gwt EventBus (HandlerManager) the easy way
    Revealed: Google’s Secretive Data Centers
    Spice up your unit testing
    How Do I Write Requirements using Stories and Acceptance Criteria? — Part One
    How Google Tests Software – A Break for Q&A
    Website Security for Webmasters
    The Daily Scrum Stand-up is Not a Meeting
    Code coverage metrics and Functional Test Coverage
    JDK 7 Multi Catch Blocks for Exceptions
    A New Artefact – The Long Term Product Backlog
    Agile Methodologies
    DevOps – You’re Doing IT Wrong
    How to Initiate a DevOps Project
    Code Fitness – Visualize your java classes and identify complexity

    Semaine du 25 au 29 avril 2011

    Transforming employees into shareholders may not be a good idea
    What Do You Mean, “Agile”?
    Cleaning up code smells

    Semaine du 18 au 22 avril 2011

    Don’t tell me you really want to increase your team’s performance – I won’t believe you
    Accompagner des leaders lors de transitions Agiles (partie 1)
    Early Ranking Factors Data + an April Linkscape Update
    C3PO – A New Role Maybe?
    100% Code Coverage!
    SEO Process and Strategies ~ Mind Map
    How to avoid delays in software development projects
    Learning Node.js
    A Google Analytics Cookie [Explained]
    Using Gerrit Git Review with Jenkins CI Server
    The Perfect Workflow, with Git, GitHub, and SSH
    If You’re an Architect…How do you estimate time?
    Load testing GWT applications with Selenium 2 and Gradle
    Top 10 Online HTML Editors That Are Simple And Free To Use
    How to parse web pages using XPath
    Best job of 2011: software engineer
    WordPress Plugin for Webmaster Tools verification
    Annotation-Driven Dependency Injection with Google Guice 3.0


    Je travaille principalement comme développeur Java au sein d'une équipe Agile pour des projets d'application web utilisant principalement les technologies Java, Spring, Hibernate et open-sources. Je me spécialise dans l'analyse, l'architecture, le développement (Test-Driven Development) et les méthodologies Agile.


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