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    Je suis en pause pour le temps des fêtes, alors quand je recommencerai, il y aura un saut dans les semaines alors j’ai décidé de poster encore une fois même si ce n’est pas vendredi. De toute façon, je doute que vous l’auriez vu avant!

    Semaine du 20 au 24 décembre 2010

    Communication When It’s Not Going Your Way
    Which stance should I take? The 4 quadrants of Agile Managers
    @Transactional(readOnly=true) in Spring
    Technical Debt – Part 1: Definition
    Technical Debt – Part 2: Identification
    What are you rewarding? – We don’t pay bonuses
    Agile Retrospective Example
    Pitfalls and Lessons Learned when switching from SVN to GIT
    Simple AOP tutorial with Spring 3
    Tout le monde peut-il être “agile” ?
    Finally, the Solution For a Bug Free Backlog (part 1)
    Finally, the Solution For a Bug Free Backlog (part 2)
    Ivy resolves downloads but ignores some artifacts (though not modules)
    An open source collaborative network
    Kill That Util Class!
    Programmers: Why Do We Do It?

    Semaine du 13 au 17 décembre 2010

    How Do You Manage Your Projects?
    Lessons Learned: SmartGWT 2.3 – Component Library for Google Web Toolkit
    Top 50 Programming Quotes of All Time
    Importing Feeds Using WordPress
    How do you sell Software Development Services ?
    Adaptation, Anticipation, Exploration
    The Dirty Truth About Web Passwords
    Under-Design and Over-Design
    Securing GWT apps with Spring Security

    Semaine du 6 au 10 décembre 2010

    What Will I Get & When Will You Be Done?
    How I Calculated Ratings for My JVM Web Frameworks Comparison
    Are You a Yoda Programmer?
    Strategies for becoming a better programmer
    Everyone Is a Software Developer
    Enum tricks: hierarchical data structure
    Who Is Writing This Technical Documentation?
    TDD: The Starwars Answer vs The MacGyver Principle
    Why I won’t hire you — a recruiter’s (re)view of developer candidates
    Clean Code: Too Much of a Good Thing?
    Les méthodologies Agiles, qu’est que c’est ?
    The Shape of Change
    Optimizing Pages with Google Website Optimizer
    How To Pay Down Technical Debt
    Brad Abrams on Google, Spring Tools Integration

    Semaine du 29 novembre au 3 décembre 2010

    Team Communication: Learning models
    GWT for designers: the magic of UiBinder
    Parallel asynchronous calls in GWT
    The Three « R »s of Clean Code
    Should Story Points Be Assigned to A Bug-Fixing Story
    People managers may be the biggest impediment for increased performance
    Is Java suitable for today’s web-development?
    UI performance and better UI framework
    Google Interview Questions and Answers
    Performance Monitoring using GWT


    Je travaille principalement comme développeur Java au sein d'une équipe Agile pour des projets d'application web utilisant principalement les technologies Java, Spring, Hibernate et open-sources. Je me spécialise dans l'analyse, l'architecture, le développement (Test-Driven Development) et les méthodologies Agile.


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