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    Bon, il faut vraiment que je vide le tampon de liens que j’accumule depuis le début avril avant d’en avoir vraiment trop d’un seul coup. Je sais, mes billets ITGIF vous ont manqués, mais en voici un qui saura combler votre appétit de nouvelles technologiques.

    En plus, la dernière fois je vous parlais de Skipfish et du début de mon expérimentation avec cet outil, chose que je n’ai malheureusement pas pu poursuivre depuis ce temps et ce n’est pas par manque d’intérêt. J’espère pouvoir m’y remettre avant la fin de l’été mais j’ai tellement d’autres projets plus importants ou prioritaires… Bon, voici la cuvée de liens, bonne lecture!


    Semaine du 12 au 16 juillet 2010

    Yet Another Agile Maturity Model (AMM) – The 5 Levels of Maturity
    Guidelines for generating XML
    Use a Single Version Number for Ant and Java (Bonus: GWT)
    Why You May Need an Architect
    Cross-Functional Teams Don’t Come Free
    How To Succeed With Scrum When Your Company Is Anti-Agile
    How to Kill Your Client’s Nephew
    Is ‘be the worst’ ever limiting?
    Test Driven Integration
    Estimating Work Shared Between Two Backlog Items
    Better Coding Through Community
    What makes a programmer “senior”?
    Senior developer versus junior developer
    Video: Keys to Successful Agile Adoption
    Calculate Free Disk Space in Java using Apache Commons IO
    What Does It Mean to Be Agile?
    Some useful Maven configurations, practices and lessons learnt
    How to be an Indispensable Programmer
    Ensure People Remember Your Ideas with SUCCESS
    10 Common Mistakes Made by Novice Web Developers

    Semaine du 5 au 9 juillet 2010

    What Motivates You To Contribute To Open Source?
    Integration testing your Spring 3 & JPA 2.0 application
    How to improve a team’s velocity
    GWT 2 Spring 3 JPA 2 Hibernate 3.5 Tutorial – Eclipse and Maven 2 showcase
    Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit – Gadgets Update
    How To Read Code
    Cutting down GWT’s verbosity with gwt-mpv-apt
    Finding Simplicity
    Silence is worth $600,000 per hour
    Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Autosync With Version Control
    Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Highlighting Local Changes
    Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Change Sets
    Running JUnit tests in Parallel with Maven
    Four Things to Know when Writing Comments
    Software engineering in the rail system
    Safely Give Away Your Demo Applications
    Complete Beginner’s Guide to Web Analytics and Measurement
    Les comités d’architectures, pour ou contre
    Ten Weaknesses of the Agile Methodology
    Is your code poorly commented? Three indicators…
    Generating Enterprise Class GWT applications for Spring
    3 Web comic series every geek has to know (and love)

    Semaine du 28 juin au 2 juillet 2010

    New to agile? Learn how to fail well
    Are you defensive programmer?
    Web services in Java
    Use Stories to Deliver Business Value
    What Motivates You To Contribute To Open Source?
    GWT Architecture Best Practices : A Tutorial to RPC-Oriented Command Pattern
    TDD is no substitute for knowing what you are doing
    Breaking Down User Stories
    « Let’s make it an option! »
    Multitasking Gets You There Later

    Semaine du 21 au 25 juin 2010

    What Does It Mean to Be Agile?
    Scrum is not about project management
    Change is the job of the ScrumMaster
    Google free command line tool to access Web services
    It’s Effort, Not Complexity
    Should you move to Maven 2?
    Lower your bar in Test-Driven Development
    Google Wants You to be an HTML5 Ninja
    Trust yourself but never trust your code

    Semaine du 14 au 18 juin 2010

    Don’t Ignore serialVersionUID
    Ensure proper version control for serialized objects

    Semaine du 7 au 11 juin 2010

    3 days with Greg Young
    The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
    Agile Office Space
    Handling Team Changes
    Hiring misses: When we turn someone down for the wrong reasons
    Can Gantt Charts be Agile?
    Agility in daily life
    Le gestionnaire agile dans les lignes de tir
    Embrace Your Inner Stupid!
    Real engineers prefer cubicles
    What Are the Biggest Legal Mistakes that Startups Make?
    Is perfectionism killing your career?
    Secure your GWT app easily

    Semaine du 21 mai au 4 juin 2010

    GWT applications size reduction
    Friendly Workplace Competition Increases Work Performance, Can Lead to Collaboration
    Sliding Toward Success
    Are you an Agile Leader? – Nine questions for people managers
    10 signs that the collaboration between a Product Owner and a development team is defective
    Permettre à l’équipe d’organiser son espace de travail
    Who needs an architect anyway?
    Tips and Suggestions for Your First Iteration
    What’s New in Smart GWT 2.2? – GWT I/O Sessions
    Comfortable GWT Debugging Using Eclipse
    Post-It Revisited
    Layout your App using GWT 2.0 the way you want it
    10 Reasons to Write Unit Tests

    Ici, il manque une semaine de liens parce que j’étais en vacances! ;)

    Semaine du 17 au 21 mai 2010

    How To Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of By Clients When Freelancing
    Visibility in an Agile Environment
    5 SEO Tactics That Make You Look Like a Douche
    Agile makes me SMART
    What Is Great Software?
    How to create a good domain model. Top 10 advices
    5 Nontraditional Ways To Improve WordPress SEO
    Asshole driven development
    Usability Testing: Don’t Guess, Test
    Mockito: Java Unit Testing with Mock Objects
    Google I/O: What to Expect, What to Hope For

    Semaine du 10 au 14 mai 2010

    html5-slides : GWT Version
    Code Kata–How It Started
    Before coding… Think!
    Successful Agile Needs Teamwork
    Agile Software Development – Past, Present, Future
    Google and Eclipse – « Lab » Partners
    What’s New in Maven 3.0 with Matthew McCullough

    Semaine du 3 au 7 mai 2010

    Managers As Cheerleaders, or Why Charts Matter
    Evolution of a programmer
    Are You Smart or Dumb?
    What Color is your Backlog?
    Backlog Grooming: Who, When and How
    Agile antipattern: Sizing or estimating bug fixes
    Learning About Security Vulnerabilities by Hacking Google’s Jarlsberg
    Sustainable Test-Driven Development
    Chris Matts on the Agile Community as a Learning Machine
    Discover the secrets of the Java Serialization API

    Semaine du 26 au 30 avril 2010

    Improving Exceptions
    Grouping Tests Using JUnit Categories
    Granularity: Architecture’s Nemesis
    Study on the State of Code Review
    The Best Way to Keep Your Product Moving Forward
    Large scale application development and MVP
    GWT UiBinder: Better Web App Separation of Concerns
    How to design a GWT Layout that Scrolls
    Developer responsibility in Agile teams
    Better Code on a Budget and Training for Free
    Listening to your tests: An example
    Get Warnings About Unused Method Arguments From Eclipse to Keep Code Clean
    Do You Like Pain?

    Semaine du 19 au 23 avril 2010

    Speeding up GWT
    Unit and Integration Testing for GWT Applications
    New to User Stories?
    The Structure of GWT Applications
    Organizing Self-organizing Teams
    Touch and Intimacy in Agile Teams

    Semaine du 12 au 16 avril 2010

    The Case for Ignoring People at Work
    Why Prioritizing Your Product Backlog for ROI Doesn’t Work (Part 1 of 3)
    Honestly Agile
    Timebox your Projects!
    Project Portfolio Decisions—Decisions For Now
    The TDD checklist (Red-Green-Refactor in detail)
    The class design checklist
    SEMAT – Software Engineering Method and Theory

    Semaine du 6 au 10 avril 2010

    GWT—An Important Java Technology: Features, Future and Wishes
    Managing Risk on Agile Projects with the Risk Burndown Chart
    Best practices for WordPress coding
    Optimize Your Workday with Tasktop and the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse
    Velocity as a goal
    Creating Awesome Applications When You’re Clueless
    What Makes Peer Code Review an Agile Process?
    What style of agile training works best?
    GWT Roundup: A Roadmap and Related Projects


    Je travaille principalement comme développeur Java au sein d'une équipe Agile pour des projets d'application web utilisant principalement les technologies Java, Spring, Hibernate et open-sources. Je me spécialise dans l'analyse, l'architecture, le développement (Test-Driven Development) et les méthodologies Agile.


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